{October 26, 2011}   future journey

I plan to go on with my education, by obtainig my Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts.


{October 12, 2011}   Career Journey

Being in the childcare or teaching  field is a rather topsy-turvy career.  It takes a true patience and a true love for not only children but people in generally. When you see the joy in the face of someone who thought that they could’nt learn ; is like opening a gift everyday. The pay isn’t always equivelent to the time, effort and dedication that you put into it. But ; if this is really what you llive for doing, then it’ll feel like the highest paid career in the world.

{October 11, 2011}   Spiritual or Religious Journey

I excepted Jesus Christ into my life at a young age. I was 7 years old when I joined Christian Union Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Paul McHenry was the pastor at the time, he has since passed on. We were located at 2700 West Medford Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The church didn’t have a pool, so I was baptized at one of our sister churches, Way of the Cross Missionary Baptist Church where the Rev. George Jones was the pastor at the time,he has also since passed on to Glory.

We finally moved to 2176 North 39th Street also in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I served in the chior, on the usher board and as a sunday school secretary, throughout the years. As I grew older my attendance lessened due to college ,work  and other activities, but I still attend church at least 3 times a month.  I hope to bring my attendance up , because I’ll be graduating very soon. I plan to keep Jesus first in my life.

Currently the Rev. Dr. Mary JeanLewis-Jiles is the pastor.  She’s doing a great job with the ministry.

{October 4, 2011}   Family Journey

Growing up with 7 sisters and 3 brothers was a beatiful thing. Out of the 11 children I’m #10.My parents were married when my Mom was16 and my Dad was 19. they were born on the same day  of August 22, but 3 yrs apart.  My Father took the role of raising the girls, and my Mom took the role of raising the boys. This was the routine until my Dad passed at the young age 59 yrs. And they were together until  he took his last breathe of life.

 I was taught to fix cars, play football, baseball,basketball and all of the other physical sports. My Father  taught us girls to shoot a rifle, a shotgun and a revolver, the correct and safe way.  We were raised to be independent and loyal to our family as well as our friends. There was nothing we could’nt tell or talk to my Father

And lastly My Father always told all of his children that there’s only 2 people that can stop you from doing or being whatever you want to do or be. And those 2 people are GOD and yourself.

{September 20, 2011}   Educational Journey

Beginning school at the age of 3yrs old, is a scary situation for a toddler “in so many word”. But  reentering the college school grounds after over 20 yrs, is a vigorious journey as well.  I’ve been going  to school practically all of my life. I  considered myself tobe quite intellegent, (if I have to say so myself). It hasn’t been aneasy road but it has been fun and I know that there’s more excitement enstored for me in this current  semister. I dropped ou of college the frist time in 1989, after my Father pasted from the Big “C”. I was only 21yrs old at the time of his painful passing and in a way a piece of me died along with him. I figured I didnt have anything to live for, since he wouldn’t be here to see my graduate college.

It took me about 18yrs to finally accept that if my dad was here he would be so upset for me being a quitter. So, I enrolled at MATC Downtown Campus to persue my Associates in Early Childhood Education. Then I went on to persue this endeavour at Mt. Mary College in the Community.

And I’m doing fine now. I’m getting good grades and I know that my Dad would’ve been so proud of me.

{September 14, 2011}   Hello world!

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